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Malaysia - Perak

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PERAK, a newly discovered adventure destination! Besides being traditionally and more commonly known as the place where juicy pomelos, crunchy seedless guavas, smooth hor fun and aromatic white coffee origin… Today, it has become a hot spot for adventure enthusiasts!

Come on! Get on the river and get wet & wild with us on the white waters of Sungai Kampar! After that, you can gear up and abseil off the beautiful Ulu Geruntum waterfalls, amidst a natural jungle setting. Not enough?! Then get down and dirty in the large caverns of Gua Tempurung, trek through the platform sections and then into the dark depths of the cave… you crawl out half submerged in water, aided only by the light coming from your torch.

Other possible activities to add on to your adventure include a trek into Ulu Geroh in search of the world’s largest flower, the famed Rafflesia. Or perhaps, take a visit to Sungai Klah Hot Springs Park? En route, you can stop by to admire the 810m high, picturesque Lata Kinjang Waterfalls.

Whilst Sungai Kampar is not comparable to the high volume rivers of Nepal, it does offer a half day of adrenalin fix. With the ease of access from the NS Plus Highway and being only 26km south of Ipoh Town, this will be your next adventure destination!


All the necessary rafting gear is catered for. Each raft takes up to 6 people and includes a trained and experienced river guide manning it. Non-swimmers need not fear getting their feet wet in this trip! Do note that rafting is all about getting wet and wild, so do avoid using heavy jeans, thick cotton trousers and track suits while rafting.

Come on now !Jump into the river with us; go paddling through wild waters amidst durian trees! This river thrill will be an enjoyable one-day getaway… clear waters, fresh air…and if the sun’s up… you’ll get a good tan to boot!



Take the plunge and go on this river adventure, and experience navigating down Sungai Kampar’s swift flowing waters using inflatable rafts. These modern commercial self-bailing rafts can withstand hitting against rocks as you travel down river. You will paddle through 10 rapids, along a 10km stretch of river. The river grade is subject to river water level, it can range from Class 1 to almost a Class 3 during high water, more common during the year end monsoon season. Prior to launching the rafts, you will go through a mandatory briefing session on rafting commands, drills and river safety practices.


Sungai Kampar is located about 6km from Gopeng, which is located 20km south of Ipoh Town, Perak.



Before the activity starts, you will have to go through a safety lecture which will cover issues like the correct wearing of the harness, helmet and use of abseiling devices. We will also explain important safety procedures and correct abseiling techniques. While we place much emphasis on fun and adventure, we will also teach you the vital points of abseiling so that you keep yourself safe – regardless of where you choose to abseil in the future!


Ulu Geruntum waterfalls is located about 2km from the common Sungai Kampar Put-In-Point, which is located 6km from Gopeng, Perak.

Gunung Tempurung and Gua Gajah


With the aid of only the light from your torchlight, you are guided to an intricate system of caves. The adventure begins with concrete walkways and continues into a journey into a tunnel of amazing rock formations that run from east to west for nearly 2km. Squeeze through a hole in the floor of the cave and splash into an underground river. You will have to leopard crawl back out into sunshine… All of this happens under the limestone hills of Gua Tempurung and Gua Gajah.


Gua Tempurung is located 7km after the Gopeng Toll station. After exiting, you turn left, drive 5km along the Federal Route 1 in the direction towards KL, turn left and travel another 2km to arrive at the designated parking area, with public changing rooms.



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