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Thinking of going on an adventurous holiday but can't seem to find friends as crazy as you to go climb a mountain for a holiday...

nor be able to convince family members to join you in a "see-who-can-stink-more-after-5-days-camping-and-no-shower" competition?


We are creating this page for you to LINK UP with like minded people who wanna forgo the hot showers and air con

to sweat it out under the sun and go on a holiday of a different sort!

Drop us an email ( if you are interested in going somewhere and need a body count of more than one.

We'll publish the details of the trip on this page and we'll try means and ways to get you hooked up somehow!



  TYK Adventure Tours Sdn Bhd was originally formed by a group of very experienced adventurers whose achievements are recorded in the Malaysia Book Of Records.

Foremost among these experts, one has been awarded Malaysia Tourism awards for developed the "Best Tour Package 1996/7, 2001/2", "Best Educational Tourism 2004", "Best Innovative Tour Operator 2004" and holder of "Best Tour Guide 1998/9 awards.

Many elements of the company's record-breaking expeditions now form the basis of the most exciting and innovative tours accessible to travellers, film production companies, educational and incentive groups.

Their areas of expertise include jungle and mountain trekking, including the renown jungle survivor expeditions led by the famous Miki family, mountain biking, wetland wildlife observation, historical Sandakan Ranau Death March and well as specialist birds watching and cultural tours. Expedition planning, adventure challenge and team building, as stand alone projects or within an incentive or conference package, all receive the detailed planning and client consideration to which others aspire.



  Adventure 21- outdoor travel gear outfitters, conveniently located just a street across our office. They sell trekking shoes, winter wear jackets, bags of all sorts, torch lights and all the other itty bitty essentials you will need for an adventure trip! Go trekking with us and you will receive a 15% -20% discount off most of the products in the shop.

Adventure Club   SAFRA Adventure Club runs some of our fixed departures monthly!  Join up as a SAFRA Adventure Club member to enjoy discounted prices!


Mountain Torq’s activities is run by Adventure Factors Mountaineering Center (AFMC) Sdn Bhd. Based in Sabah, Malaysia, AFMC promotes adventure and mountaineering activities in Asia.


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